Welcome to your new Real Estate Sales website

With the Personal Service design

Beautiful out of the box yet customisable in hundreds of ways
Everything in your style. Brand Fonts, Colours, Menus, buttons…

You can easily add and remove sections to customise your page design and quickly import prebuilt sections, there are loads to choose from. Or if you want to get really creative you can build your own sections quickly from blocks.

Featured Properties

You can show any list of properties together in carousels, grids or on their own pages. These shortlists can either be dynamically generated or you can select properties manually in your Respacio CRM.

This carousel of properties shows 3 property cards at a time. You can choose from different property card designs in carousels, grids and sliders to beautifully show off your portfolio

Shortlists for SEO

Create Shortlist Pages like these to target the keywords that people are searching for in your area, and add content so that Google ranks them in search results.

A dynamically generated shortlist can be produced using any combination of property type, price, bedrooms, locations, features etc and will always update when the page is visited.

Testimonials improve conversions

Add Testimonials to your site and tag them so that you can show the relevant testimonials on the page. For example, we have simply tagged our testimonials as buyers and vendors.

Automatic Location Pages

Every property in your Respacio system is on a tree of locations and these are automatically generated as Location Pages on your site. Each page will show all your property listings in that location

Location pages can be optimised with relevant content to become one of the most powerful visitor magnets to your site when Google starts to rank them to attract the best qualified visitors to your site

Offer the best advice and news

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Tomorrow’s buyers are today’s subscribers

Write about local community and property related news with all the latest listings. If they are thinking of buying or selling, but they are not ready to enquire today, keep them in the loop.

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